The Most Common New Member Questions

  • Is my RADIO legal to use on GMRS?

    We have no idea. Certifications can change over time and the ONLY way to know is to check the FCC ID on your radio.  Here is a link to the FCC certificate search.  Just input your radio's ID and if it is part 90 or part 95 certified it is allowed on the NGGMRS network.  We are NOT the FCC police.  Our goal is to operate a great network using high quality, legal  radios that sound great.  We will not be knocking on your door asking to have a look at your radios.  Use common sense.

  • What is a good CHEAP radio for GMRS?

    Cheap or good, you can pick either.  There is a myth that GMRS is a "cheap" hobby which is untrue.  NGGMRS recommends high quality commercial grade equipment.  A good portable or mobile will usually cost you $100.00 and up.  We strongly suggest that you check out the NGGMRS store for high quality, commercial grade radios that have been bench tested and are provided to members only for fair prices.  Beware of EBAY and un-tested surplus radios.  

  • What Membership Levels does NGGMRS offer and how much do they cost?

    You can go to the NGGMRS Store to purchase your memberships however, the membership levels and their associated costs can be viewed by clicking the link tab below.

  • What is a repeater and how does it work?

    GMRS repeaters are always setup in frequency pairs. For example, they transmit on 462.550 and they receive exactly 5mhz UP.  So in this case they receive YOUR transmission on 467.550. (Think of 2 radios with one receiving transmissions and the other transmitting them,) You have to set your radio up (either through software programming or through front panel offset option) so that you are on 462.550 listening to the repeater BUT, when you push the transmit button you transmit on 467.550. You should physically see your radio change to 467.550 when you push transmit. There is one more thing called a PL tone. Consider it the super secret entry code. When YOU transmit (on 467.550) the repeater checks your signal for the correct PL tone. So lets say the PL tone is 131.8, you would need to have that programmed in your radio. If the repeater hears that sub audible tone then it WILL re-transmit your message on 462.550 for others to hear. If it does NOT hear the proper PL tone it will ignore your transmission and no one will hear you. That's what needs to be happening but the "how" will depend on each radio. The radios's owners manual will ALWAYS have the answers on how to accomplish this. 

  • How do I get my GMRS license?

    Click the tab below for step by step instructions on obtaining your GMRS license from the FCC.

  • What is Zello Access and how do I use it?

    Zello VOIP Access is a communication program for your Smartphone, Tablet or PC.  It allows you to connect into the NGGMRS network and make contacts on the NGGMRS network using your phone as your radio.  The ins and outs of "how" it works is a bit complicated to detail but, the end result is that it allows you to connect into our network from anywhere in the world if you have a wi-fi or cellular connection. 

     The Zello APP is free and access to our GMRS Repeater Network is FREE to our Membership as well. If you are a current member of North Georgia GMRS and desire to use the Zello APP, email Gary directly ( ) and provide him with your Name, Tac Number and FCC call sign. He will forward to you the setup instruction so you can get started.

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