Step by Step GMRS Licensing

STEP #1 - Get Your FRN

START HERE: To use GRMS frequencies, the FCC requires you to obtain a license. To get a license you don’t have to take an exam, but you will need to fill out the required forms and send your payment.

  1. First you must obtain an FRN number (FCC Registration Number).
  2. There is no charge to obtain an FRN. However, there is a fee when you apply for your license.
  3. To get your FRN go to the FCC Universal Licensing System .
  4. Select "Register" on the ULS Home page, complete the online questionnaire.
  5. You will receive your FRN immediately upon completing the one page online form. Then you can move to the next step.

STEP #2 - Login to the FCC Universal Licensing Page

Use the LOGIN button that was located just BELOW the REGISTER button on the previous step.  Use your new FRN number and password.

STEP #3 - Apply for new license

After logging in click on the APPLY FOR NEW LICENSE OPTION in the upper left corner.

STEP #4 - Select service

From the drop down SELECT SERVICE menu pick GMRS which is the LAST ONE on the list with code ZA.  (No idea why it's ZA)

STEP #5 - Fill out all information

Fill out your contact information as you want it to appear on your new GMRS license.

STEP #6 - Pay and finish

Continue following the directions and pay your fees.  Wait a few days and your new GMRS license call sign will be emailed to you.