Code of Conduct


2024 Memorandum of Understanding

NORTH GEORGIA GMRS ASSOCIATION 2024 Memorandum of Understanding

Application for Membership & Dues:

All new and current members will be required to provide the required information as requested on the application form. This form can be found at 

Once accepted, it’s imperative that your contact information be kept current and up to date with our system including your FCC call sign, physical address, phone number, and current email address. A current and working email address is vital.

All notices, correspondences, and communications will be sent via email to the member. If the provided email address fails to function, this will indicate to us your intent to cancel your membership. Reasonable attempts will take place before Membership Termination happens.

Once your application has been accepted, you will receive an Acceptance Letter via email. At that time  your Tactical Unit Number(s) will be assigned and issued to you, as well as noted on the membership listing on the website. An acknowledgement letter will be emailed to you. Membership runs from January 1st thru December 31st of each calendar year.

Terms & Notice:

Users/members of this organization and repeater systems are EXPECTED to comply with all laws and FCC Rules & Regulations, as well as to comply with any instructions of a system control operator including but not limited to: immediately cease & desist from any current operations/communications on any/all system repeaters, at any time, either verbally or written notice to any such users/members.

System users/members shall NOT disclose ANY confidential system information, including, but not limited to: Access Codes (DTMF), Access Tones (PL/DPL), Control Functions, or any other information for any repeater site or other system information, to any other person, party, entity or otherwise. Users are bound by this or any updated versions of this MOU.

System users/members shall not utilize the repeater system for any Business Communications or Storm Chasing Communications. Storm Spotter Training/Activations, Weather Net and or Weather Reporting Communications will be santioned and approved by the Net Control Managers of North Georgia GMRS. Criminal Activities, POLITICAL , or RELIGIOUS discourse and discussions is STRICTLY Prohibited. We are a family network that desires to promote friendly, inclusive and helpful communications. All communications are to be generally positive in nature and serve to promote the North Georgia GMRS Network mission and its Members. Open opposition to Network events, over the air on this network, will not be tolerated, and will be considered a violation of this MOU. Any complaints or concerns of this networks operation should be directed to 

System users/members shall not monopolize the network. Users are encouraged to engage in conversations of a limited nature and practice. 

Under FCC rules Part 95.357 we are required to “generally limit transmissions to the minimum duration necessary. FCC Call sign announcement every 15 mins during an extended conversation is required. In addition, operators must leave a several second pause between transmissions. This will help ensure the network is available to all users and that no single user is monopolizing the network. 

System users/members shall not use Profanity or cause Interference to others communicating on the repeater system. In addition, intentional “Jamming” or otherwise causing interference,  the Playing of Music, Sound Effects, and or being argumentative / confrontational with any other user/member. Utilization of Roger Beeps or End of Transmission tones are prohibited.

Important and Enforced Notice!

The regular use of any non-type certified and/or imported radios, is strictly prohibited.  Only type accepted and/or commercial quality communications equipment, which bears an FCC ID#, shall be used by members/users to access our repeater system. Violation of this FCC regulation WILL result in termination of membership.

Administrators of this repeater system at their own and sole discretion, may, with or without warning/notice, remove any/all user(s)/member(s) for any reason whatsoever and without refund of any dues/payments, which shall be considered forfeited for this , or any other violation.

Payment of membership/user dues shall signify and constitute acceptance of these TERMS and conditions regarding access and use of this repeater system, including any future updates to any of these terms and conditions, as posted on this website  and shall be the responsibility of each and every user/member to periodically check for any updates, as posted on

Payment of any membership/user dues does not and shall not constitute any guarantee of system/repeater availability/access, for any reason and users/members shall hereby be informed that any repeater site(s) may be unavailable (down) for any reason and no such guarantee for access and communications ability is made, given, nor warranted under these terms and conditions.

It is the intent that small children not be permitted to be “users” of this repeater system, due to potential issues of causing undue interference to other system users.

Additionally, users/members shall hereby be informed that “children” will not be issued Unit Numbers until the Users/Members child has demonstrated to them that they have a clear and mature understanding of what is expected of them , as a user themselves.

If the users/members desire to reserve congruent unit numbers within the family list until such time that they feel the child is ready and proficient in proper GMRS communications, then that is permissible and a unit number will be assigned within the family group. A simple email notification to for the unit number and name assignment is all that is required. Please indicate your intentions when making an application for membership on how many assigned and reserved numbers you need.

Should a child/children use any of the repeater(s) of this system, without an assigned unit number, the users/members may, at the sole discretion of the administrators of this repeater system with or without warning/notice, remove any/all users/members and deny access to the repeater system for violation of such rules, terms and conditions.

Association and Membership Dues:

Annual dues are to be paid in full by December 31st of each calendar year, or at the time of application for membership. Membership Dues are Non Refundable.

If dues are not paid in full by the above due date, the association will conclude that the licensed member has elected to withdraw from the association. That member will be removed from the membership listing and the Tactical Unit Number will be voided from the system and reassigned as needed.

Association and Membership Levels

Bronze Basic Single Membership

$90.00 per year. This membership will allow for (one) tactical unit number.

Silver Advanced Single Membership

$130.00 per year. This membership will allow for (two) tactical unit numbers.

Gold Standard Level Membership

$200.00 per year. This membership will allow for (four) tactical unit numbers. 

Platinum Silver Level Membership

$300.00 per year. This membership will allow for (six) tactical unit numbers.  Each additional Tactical Unit Number required or requested will cost an additional $25.00 per unit number.

Diamond Level Lifetime Membership  

$1,800.00. This membership will allow for unlimited licensed tactical unit numbers .

Payment of Dues:

Payment of dues will continue to be accepted thru our website. Contact Gary for special arrangements for payments via Check or Money order, at