On-Air Usage Procedures

How to properly operate on the NGGMRS repeaters.

The North Georgia GMRS Network is located in and around North Georgia from Chattanooga, Tn. to Columbus, Ga. and areas in North Carolina. The Repeater System is “open” to all licensed GMRS users and is generally accessed by using a CTCSS tone.

 All interested licensees who wish to use the system repeaters are required to obtain “permission” prior to using the repeater(s).

Contact Gary  at Gary@NorthGeorgiagmrs.com or register for Membership.

Each user is responsible for IDing when the communication is completed and at 15 minute intervals during extended periods of communication. It is not necessary to memorize each of your contacts individual FCC 7 digit alpha-numeric call signs. For simplification, in making contacts with other users and for station identification, the following radio procedure should be used on the repeater system:

Each authorized user will be issued a “tac #” and should use their “tac #” to initiate or respond to a contact. The “tac #” will generally consist of the pro-word “Atlanta” followed by 2 or 3 digits i.e.: “Atlanta 64 “, “Atlanta 401” etc. (Some out of area users may use a different pro-word). “tac #’s” will be assigned upon request of the licensee to become an authorized user, this is to reduce duplication and/or confusion of the numbers. If you are from out of state with your own local pro-word and “tac #” and prefer to use it here please advise us during Membership registration so it can be recorded.

If your “tac #” ends in “0”, please pronounce it as “zero” (i.e.: 60 is Six Zero). This is for clarity only.

To contact another user, please say their “tac #” first, then yours. (i.e.: Atlanta 81 (called unit), Atlanta 80(calling unit)).

The reason for using the pro-word is two-fold: It gives the Repeater Network time to turn on before the numbers are spoken should you start talking before the System fully links up.

  1. If you travel out of the area/state and use other GMRS repeaters, it will tell others where you are generally from and that you are transient in their area.

When you have completed your communication, please clear the frequency with both your “tac #” and your FCC call sign.

System Restrictions for the use are as follows:

  1. No profanity.
  2. No CB Slang or Jargon.
  3. No indiscriminate keying or kerchunking of the repeaters.
  4. No non-directed communications, except in case of an emergency.
  5. Only communications allowed by the FCC. 47CFR, Part 95 are permitted, except as noted above.
  6. No Roger Beeps or Courtesy Tones allowed.

The primary intent is to keep all communications short, to the point and as professional as possible while still enjoying the use of your radios, the repeater system and getting your messages communicated.

Currently there are multiple users authorized to use the repeater system, many of which are family groups, located in Pickens, Cherokee, Forsyth, Cobb, Fulton, Gwinnett, Walton, and Coweta counties. Also Alabama and North Carolina when they are transient in the area.

Your cooperation in abiding with these procedures will help to keep this a viable repeater system, serving you and your fellow GMRS users.

Reminder:  Due to the open nature of GMRS and any open radio networks, your communications may be heard by others.  There should be no expectation of privacy when you communicate by radio on our network.  If a specific communication requires confidentiality or is not suitable for public “ears”, you should use other communications methods.