Step by step to join NGGMRS

STEP 1 Get your GMRS callsign from the FCC


Step one is to get your GMRS callsign from the FCC.  If you do not know how to do that, click the button below for step by step instructions.  You can join without an FCC callsign but, you willnot receive your tactical unit numbers or be alloowed on the network until you have an FCC callsign.

Step by step to get FCC callsign

STEP 2 Review our Membership Levels


Review our membership levels to determine which option suits your needs best.  Click on the button below to see membership levels.

Membership levels

STEP 3 Review our Membership Code of Conduct


When you purchase your membership you will be required to acknowledge that you have read and agree to the NGGMRS Code of Conduct, so check it out.

Code of Conduct

STEP 4 Go to the NGGMRS Store to get your Membership


Click the button below to go to the NGGMRS Store.  Memberships are AUTOMATICALLY updated quarterly to reflect a pro-rated membership price.  The prices you see are the prices from today until the end of the year.

Purchase my membership now

STEP 5 Paying for your Membership Debit/Credit/Paypal


You do NOT need a paypal account to use your credit or debit card to purchase your NGGMRS membership or make a donation.  Follow the checkout instructions and once you have put in your shipping and contact information click on PAY WITH PAYPAL.

Once you click on that you will be taken to the paypal payment portal.  Once you are there you will see the following screen and you should click PAY WITH DEBIT OR CREDIT and then enter your payment information.

STEP 6 Paying VIA mailed check


 We really, really, really prefer that you make your payment securely via the paypal portal by debit card, credit card, or your paypal account.  However, for those who want to mail a check, go through the checkout process exactly as if you were going to pay by card BUT under payment options choose CHECK OR MONEY ORDER instead of paypal at final checkout.  Detailed instructions on how to mail your payment will be provided when you choose that option.  Please note that membership orders (where a check is to be mailed) will only be held for 10 days before being rejected and discarded.